How to Brew Red Rooibos Tea?

How to Brew Red Rooibos Tea?

How to Brew Red Rooibos Tea
Brew Red Rooibos Tea
Red tea or Red Rooibos tea is essentially an herbal beverage that also has medicinal properties. It comes from a bush plant that is found in South Africa which has the Latin name Aspalathus Linearis. It is not actually a tea and is a herb. 

It has many health benefits and can cure headaches, asthma, insomnia, bone weakness, eczema, checking premature aging, combat allergies ,reduce hypertension, and weight loss. The tea that is brewed with red rooibos is low in tannin content, unlike real teas, while it has no caffeine. Drinking this tea can also give relief from asthma, ease stomach cramps and act as a booster for the immune system. The tea fermented from the leaves of this bush is red in color, giving rise to its name. It is a tea that has no oxalic acid and is therefore safe for drinking by people with kidney stones. It has a high mineral content that includes traces of magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium and iron. It also contains antioxidants and many other versatile phenolic compounds.

With all these benefits, rooibos tea may sound intimidating to use, but brewing red rooibos tea is similar to brewing an average black tea. The tea leaves of this variety of tea are very delicate and must be stored and handled correctly. Tea leaves must be stored in dry and cool places in containers that are opaque and do not admit light, and which must also be airtight. The tea leaves stored in this fashion will retain their flavor and give an excellent brew if brewed correctly.    

Water used for brewing red tea rooibos must be water from springs or water that is filtered, as this then gives the tea the purest taste. Distilled water must never be used to brew this tea, as it may not be able to release the flavor of the tea. The water must be made boiling hot and the temperature of the water must be maintained even while the leaves have been steeped in it for producing the brew. Leave the vessel in which you are preparing the brew on the stove that is still hot. A good brew requires one heaped teaspoonful of tea leaves for every cup of water, but if you prefer weaker tea, you can reduce the quantity of tea leaves. Rooibos tea requires being steeped in hot water for a longer time than you use for normal tea but is best left to form the required liquor for at least four to five minutes. If left to brew for longer periods, of up to ten minutes, you will get an increased amount of nutrients and antioxidants in the brew. Warming the cups and brewing vessels and the tea leaves can give you a better brew.   

Rooibos tea is most beneficial if it is taken just as a brew, but some people may prefer to add milk and sugar or honey. You can also create iced teas with a dash of lime or other flavors.